Many consider this neighborhood to be the "real Little Italy." My Father lived here until he was 12, and my Aunt and Uncle were raised here by my Grandparents, who were Sicilian Immigrants. Dion and the Belmonts were raised and got their start here, on Belmont Avenue, and Arthur Avenue was named for President Chester A. Arthur!

There's so much here to enjoy, let me show it to you! We'll grab a slice of pizza, have a cannoli, stop at The Arthur Avenue Retail Market, see a beautiful church and much more; you will love it!

The tour is $70 per person and will include subway fare, a slice of pizza and the aforementioned canoli. Be advised that there is a walk from the subway of about 8 or 10 blocks and the tour itself is a walking tour. We will leave from Midtown Manhattan.

NOTE: Booking this tour requires a FOUR person minimum.

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